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New reissue pieces two models available in limited series, it is a work of art that will perfectly suit women who are the leadership, it will halo your charisma this straw boater is the ideal ally of the sun, a casual chic hat surrounded by a pirate style silk scarf for women of character and ambtion, it willbe an imprint that will mark the spirits.

A royal mother-of-pearl on the side, with the Mr Philidor logo where the rider is engraved on it, your initials will be marked on request as well as your sumptuous box, all offered by the house.

The freedom to be able to choose is a luxury.

The Royal Peacock

SKU: 0008
  • The exchange and refund policy can be found in the support section.

  • Regarding all our hats, these are handcrafted hats made by experienced French artisans.

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